Ranch: Our ranch is situated in the northwestern part of Namibia. The landscape consists of savannah with Bushman grass and mainly Mopani bushes. We farm with game as well as Brahman crossbreed cattle. The ranch is well situated for day excursions to different tourist attractions such as the Etosha Game Reserve, The Petrified forest, Twyfelfontein, The Ugab valley with the Vingerklip and the Waterberg plateau park. The ranch extends over 10 000 hectares and the wildlife is exceptional.

Hunting: The game available for hunting is good in numbers and the trophies are exceptional. We take only 20 hunters per year to keep the abundance of wildlife in check. We provide all the permits for hunting as well as the required export permits for trophies. Hunting can be done by walking and stalking, a vehicle will take you out in the morning and drop you off and pick you up when a trophy has been taken or when we break for the day. Blind hunting is also done at waterholes with great success but patience is needed to get your trophy. A typical hunting day can consist of both blind hunting and walking and stalking. No hunting will be done without a guide.
Tours: We do tours to different destinations in Namibia; please feel free to contact us for information and quotes. 

General Information:

No loaded weapons may be transported or left at the lodge. Dont allow your hunt to end in tragedy.

When an animal is wounded the hunt will stop to follow that animal. Wounded animals not found are payable in full.

Accounts to be paid in cash at the end of the hunt. Credit card transfers are also possible at the local bank but not on Saturday after 11am or Sundays.

No cheques will be accepted.

We shall pick you up at the Hosea Kutako airport, Windhoek and deliver you back on time for your flight home in one of our acclimatized vehicles.

Arrival and departure days will count as non-hunting days.


Summer: September to April with temperatures from 20C (68 F) up to 40C (104. F).

Winter: May to August with temperatures from 16C (60.8 F) to 25C (77 F) daytime and down to 2C (28.4 F) at night. 

Rainy season:

December to March with mainly thundershowers. 

Hunting season:

1st of February to 30th of November. 


Only a weapon with a caliber of .270 and larger may be used.

About 40 rounds of ammunition should be enough.

Weapons are available for hire. Please inform us prior to arrival if you intend to hire a weapon. We have to know beforehand. ( 25.00 per day/ammo not included.) 

What to Bring: Comfortable walked-in outdoor/hunting shoes, 2-3 sets of safari/hunting clothes, a pullover for the evenings and mornings and a warm jacket for the winter months, sunglasses, hat, suntan lotion, casual clothes, rifle, ammunition (at least 40 rounds), toiletries

Please keep in mind that this is not a full list of what to bring only a guideline.